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About Me - XYZ.

A Midwesterner raised in the Heartland and now living in LA. Ever since I was young I have always involved myself in the world of art.  During that time, I learned fine art skills with many different art mediums. For college I attended the Art Institute of California: Orange County, majoring in Media Arts Animation.  Throughout my career I've worked as an Artist and Production associate.  I love learning new types of media and telling memorable stories through film and TV.

Feuer what?

"foi-er zone-uh"

In German, the word means "fire sun".  It can mean "sun fire"as well depending upon interpretation.  Honestly, I just took two of my favorite song titles from my favorite band Rammstein (Sonne and Feuer Frei), and meshed them together.  The songs are both from the album Mutter.  The idea came to me back in my sophomore year of high school.  I was trying to come up with a name for at the time a account.  Then the name stuck with me through many other accounts, and people came to know me by it. 


Outside of work I participate in different social groups: Japanese street fashion, Viking, and a camping group called the Monster Rangers. I'm a foodie, and enjoy finding new cuisine to try. When it comes to relaxing I try to find time to craft and draw. I also love traveling. My favorite countries to visit have been Iceland, Japan, Ireland, and Germany.

My Dreams

I dream of someday having a happy and successful career in the Creative field. Then my plan is to retire and go live in a cabin in the northern woods and paint. Possibly open up a Tea shop/art gallery.

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