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Where to begin...

Ever since I was young I have always involved myself in the world of art.  I was traditionally trained by Mission Renaissance, and attended for 5 years.  Through those years I involved myself in Anime and cartoon arts.  For college I attended the Art Institute of California: Orange County, majoring in Media Arts Animation.   It was there I discovered my love for Motion Graphics. As my career has progressed I've found my way into the world of Stereoscopics.  I love learning new types of media and understanding more about composition in 3D space.



Color(s): Orange, Indigo

Flower: Sunflowers

Food: Hotdogs, Tuna Melts, and Ramen.

Drink: Arnold Palmer and Gingerbeer

Restaurant: Portillos (Chicago hotdog chain)

Ice Cream: Pink Bubble Gum

Time of Day: Twilight

Animal: Woodland creatures (especially Deer).

Cartoons: Batman, X-Men, Futurama

Anime: Blue Submarine No. 6, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Panty and Stocking.

Music: Metal, Rock, Techno, Instrumental.

Movie: Feature Animated Films, Comedies, Action Adventure, SciFi.

Feuer What?

"foi-er zone-uh"

In German, the word means "fire sun".  It can mean "sun fire"as well depending upon interpretation.  Honestly, I just took two of my favorite song titles from my favorite band Rammstein (Sonne and Feuer Frei), and meshed them together.  The songs are both from the album Mutter.  The idea came to me back in my sophomore year of high school.  I was trying to come up with a name for at the time a account.  Then the name stuck with me through many other accounts, and people came to know me by it. 


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