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Career Highlights


Monster High: 2021-2024

As an Asset/Design Coordinator, I've managed multiple teams of artists. Kept track of Milestone goals and production schedules. Trained multiple production assistants on how to use ShotGrid, and understand the CG Pipeline.

Six Point Harness

Cosmos: Season 2 - 2019

Compositor for Lighting and FX on 2D animated scenes. Created Lighting concepts for scene storytelling. Utilized to video stock footage to create FX. Met deadlines and director approvals.  


Fast and Furious Spy Racers: 2019 - 2021

Managed Animation, Crowds, FX, and Lighting/Comp departments as the CG Production Coordinator. Keep track of daily and upcoming Milestone tasks for the departments. Helped the Animation and Comp Supervisors stay on track of their department goals.

Walt Disney Animation

Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen: 2012-2013

Stereoscopic artist on 3D versions of the animated films. Setup Stereo cameras in Native 3D space, utilizing my own artistic stereoscopic eye. Composited final Stereo shots; eliminating artifacts and discrepancies caused by composite fixes for mono camera. Represented the Stereo Department in the Compositor Users Group. Collaborated with the Lighting, Visual Effects, Technical Directors, and Publicity departments to build post-department handoff pipelines, communications and morale. Wrote and organized documents on tools and solutions for the Department.

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